Is There Another Way To Use FTP Without A Special Utility?

Yes. If you're using Windows, you can access a text-based FTP utility from a Command Prompt or use Internet Explorer as your FTP Client:

Using Command Prompt:

  1. From "Start" menu select "All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt"
  2. Type "ftp" and you will get a ftp> prompt
  3. Type "open"
  4. Enter your FTP username.
  5. Enter your password.


ftp> open

Connected to

220 ProFTPD 1.2.10 Server ( []

User ( YourFTPUserName

331 Password required for YourFTPUserName.


230 User YourFTPUserName logged in.


You can now use standard FTP commands to manage your web site files.

Using Internet Explorer:

  1. Open your Internet Explorer Browser.
  2. At Address Bar, enter
  3. You will get a pop up prompt asking for your FTP user name and password. Enter your FTP user name and password.
  4. You will see all your folders and files listed there upon successfully logon to your FTP account.
  5. To upload content from your local drive, just copy from your local and paste inside the FTP Explorer.
  6. To delete content, select the file or folder inside your FTP Explorer, right click and delete.
  7. To exit your FTP account, simply close the Internet Explorer.

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