1. Go to http://wam.manage.name


2. Enter your User ID and Password to login.

If you have lost your password, please click on "Forgot password" and the login details will be sent to domain's administrative contact as listed in current WHOIS record of the domain.


3. Once you logged in successfully, expand Web Address Manager and click on View Domain List. You will see all domains under the same user profile listing there.

Click on the domain name that you wish to update name server.


4. Click on "Modify DNS".

(User can modify the DNS for your domain to any other external DNS, provided the domain is NOT protected. To activate your protected domain, please contact [domain@exabytes.com])


5. Enter your new DNS name servers and click on "Submit".


6. You shall receive a confirmation message saying "Command completed successfully".

Notes: After you have successfully updated your DNS, please allow 1-3 days for your new DNS name servers to be fully propagated.


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