Setting Default Documents in HELM

Please follow the below steps to configure the Default Documents for your domain(s) in HELM control panel :

1. Login to HELM control panel.

2. Click on "Domains". You will see your domain listed on the page. Click on it.

3. You will see all the menu options listed and one of them is "Advance Domain Options". Click on the "Advance Domain Options" icon.

4. Click on the "Default Documents" icon.

5. Click on the "Use Default" button if you wish to reset the default documents to default option as from the server.

6. You may move the default document(s) up or down as for your preferennces by clicking the "Move Up" or "Move Down".

7. The "Add Above" will allow you to add a new default documents just above the default documents which you click on the "Add Above" link.

8. Click "Add New" if you wish to add a new default documents to your domain. The new default document will be added as a lowest priority document. You will need to click on the "Move Up" in order for the new document to be set as the first priority page.

As a suggestion, use the "Add Above" to add the default documents if you wish to set it as the highest priority page.

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