Setting up Virtual Directories in HELM

1. Login to HELM control panel.

2. Click on "Domains". You will see your domain listed on the page. Click on it.

3. You will see all the menu options listed and one of them is "Virtual Directories". Click on the "Virtual Directories" icon.

4. Click on Add New.

5. On the "Path to Virtual Directory" text box, enter the full path that you want to have in the URL before the virtual directory name. Leave the text box blank if the virtual directory is to be created beneath the root of the website e.g. If you want to have the virtual directory at, then enter '\apps\net' into the text box.

6. Give a name to your virtual directory in the "Virtual Directory Name" text box. This will be the virtual directory name itself.

7. If you wish to have the virtual directory point to a physical folder within your web, check the radio button "Physical Folder" and click on the "folder" image to browse to the directory you wish to have virtual directory point to.

You are NOT RECOMMENDED to enable the "Allow Directory Browsing" as this will expose your web files to public and allowing them to download the files.

8. If you wish to have the virtual directory point to a URL of another website,check the radio button "URL Redirect" and enter the EXACT URL you wish to redirected to.

The check box "Redirect to Exact URL" will redirect to exact URL where you want any file or folder paths visited within the virtual directory to be ignored and for the visitor to be sent directly to the URL only. If you disable this if a client goes to, then they will be redirected to automatically.

9. Click Save once you are done.

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