Enabling Secured Folder feature in HELM

This article apply to Windows 2003 Reseller ONLY

HELM control panel now has a new feature - "Secured Folder" which allows end user to setup the password protected directory directly through the HELM control panel. Please follow the below steps on how to enable it for your clients :

1. Login to the HELM control panel as reseller

2. Click on Hosting Plans. You will see all your custom hosting plans which you have created previously.

3. Click on the hosting plan which you wish to have this feature enabled.

4. Click On Resource Limits > Web Resources

5. Please enter a quota for the "Secured Folder" domains quota limit. This quota will be shared among all your end users.

6. Once done, Click Save.

Please refer to the following page once you have enable the quota for your custom hosting plan on how to configure the password protected folder :


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