Could Not Load Type


When you browse to an .aspx page, you may receive one of the following error messages:

Could not load type 'Namespace.Global'.


Could not load type 'Namespace.PageName'.


These errors occur if the .aspx page or the Global.asax page contains a reference to a code-behind module and if the application has not been built.


Use one of the following methods to build the application:
  • Use the C# command line compiler (CSC.exe) to run the following command:
    csc /t:library /r:System.web.dll /out:mydll.dll myfile.cs
  • In Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, click Build on the Build menu.
NOTE: Microsoft Visual Basic .NET background compiles the project as soon as it is created. Because Visual C# .NET projects only background parse, you must explicitly build the application.

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