Creating Private Nameservers With OpenSRS

If OpenSRS is the official registrar of your domain name, you can register a new DNS through OpenSRS's Domain Manager ( Simply follow the instructions below: 
  • Log into
  • Click on "Name Servers"
  • Scroll your current Windows to bottom, you will see a text link "If you want to create or modify a nameserver which is based on click here"
  • Click on the link to continue.
  • Under "Create Name Server" section, enter DNS name server you wish to create as well as IP address assigned to your DNS name server.
  • Click "Create Name Server" button to complete.
Once you have successfully completed the final step of this process, it will take approximately 24 to 72 hours for your new DNS to be processed by the registry and begin resolving correctly.
You may also preview the following Flash Tutorial on the steps by steps for creating your own private name server :


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