HTTP/1.1 New Application Failed

When I try to access a page on my web site in my web browser, it says HTTP/1.1 New Application Failed. What is wrong?

The possible causes are a badly configured global.asa file , a database connection isn't being closed properly or the 'InetInfo' process has inflated itself into using all available memory.

First report the fault to us so we can unload the web site application pool, this is will release resources and allow your site to function again but it doesn't cure the problem. If it does not resolve the problem , a IIS restart will be required.Unless the site is stress tested  over a period of time to simulate a multi-site server you may not be able to replicate this error on your local system.

Check the global.asa file for configuration errors.

If the site uses a database ensure each and every connection is closed properly, under load calls to the database page can result in this error being generated and the site stops working. Ensure that you open and close the database connection as quickly as possible and preferably before rendering any HTML elements. Also, check that page redirects are made after the database has been closed.

VB Coding Example:

Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Conn.Open myDSN
Set RS = Conn.Execute("Select * from myTable")
Set RS = Nothing
Set Conn = Nothing

If ..... then
End if

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