Creating a POP Email Account in HELM

This article will show the guideline on how to create a POP 3 email account in HELM 3 control panel

1) Login to your HELM3 control panel from the link as http://cp.domainname/

2) Proceed to "Email Accounts POP3" from the Home menu

3) Click on "Add New" to add the new email account

4) Fill in the details of the new email account that you wish to add and please be advised to enter a password which is alphanumeric and may refer to the below URL
for the minimum password requirement:

Eg: ghtRTY765#$%

5) If you wish to assign the auto responder, then you may tick on box "Enable Responder"  and fill in the Auto Responder message in the text box and if you wish to forward the emails to another account then you may fill in the email account that you wish to forward in the text box of "Store & Forward To"

6) Final step will be in Saving it.

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