Immediate Network Issue -

Date : 25 March 2008
Time : 12:45PM PM (GMT + 0800)
Expected ETA : Unavailable

The data center network BGP connection through MyIX to TMNET is down because NCC, Fiberail at KTM building had power trip.
TMNET had already called TMB to rectify this issue ASAP.


Date : 25 March 2008
Time : 12:30 PM (GMT + 0800)
Expected ETA : Unavailable

Maintenance Details :
The Data Center Network that are hosting IP range is encountering network access slowness. We have contacted the Data Center NOC team to check on the matter and are currently waiting for their reply.

Maintenance Effect:
Users whose websites are hosted on the affected IP range will have difficulties to access their website, emails, and database.

We will further update the announcement on the latest progress of the maintenance.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Department
Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd

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