Exabytes - Planned Maintenance: Upgrade to MySQL5 and PHP5

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PHP Upgrade
The PHP development team announces that support for PHP 4 will discontinue after 2007. After 31 December 2007 there will be no more new release for PHP 4.4.x. However, PHP development team will continue to make critical security fixes available on a case-by-case basis until 08 August 2008.

To ensure all our servers’ software are up to date and vulnerability free, we had scheduled for an upgrade on all our shared and reseller hosting servers to the latest PHP 5.2.x version. This also means that we will disable and no longer support PHP 4.4.x in both our Windows and Linux hosting packages. Please ensure your application is compatible with the latest PHP 5.2.x.

MySQL Upgrade
In addition to the PHP upgrade, we will also upgrade all our MySQL servers from the existing version 4.x to version 5.0.x.

What Should I do?
As the upgrade is a major version change, we would strongly advice all our clients to ensure any of the custom written applications running on our servers is fully compatible with MySQL 5.0.x and PHP 5.2.x by referring to your in-house/outsource webmaster or programmer.

Maintenance Date/Time
We understand code changes and compatibility checks take time. Hence, 2 months advance notice is given. This upgrade exercise will start at the following schedule time:

Maintenance Date: Starts from 01 March 08 until 29 March 08 (Every Saturday)
Maintenance Time: (US Hosted server) 11.00PM GMT-0700, (MY Hosted server) 11.00PM GMT+0800

Servers Affected:
All Linux and Windows Shared Hosting Servers which are running PHP 4.4.x and MYSQL 4.x. Server Upgrade list as follow:

01 March 08:
Venus -
Philips -
Earth -
Neptune -
Edison -
Einstein -
Newton -
Solar -
Uranus -
Saturn -
Hawking -
Mercury -
NightHawk -
Hornet -
Raptor -

08 March 08:
Tigershark -
BlackBird -
ThunderBolt -
Raven -
Mustang -
Lithium -
Sodium -
Potassium -
Rubidium -
Caesium -
Francium -
Berylium -
Uranium -
Gadolinium -

15 March 08:
Taurus -
Leo -
Aquarius -
Gemini -
Libra -
Paladin -
Tauren -
Windrunner -
Furion -
Azelor -
Sarawak -
Tahan -
Pahang -
Penang -

22 March 08:
Perak -
Perhentian -
Redang -
Kelantan -
Paya -
Terengganu -
Sipadan -
Perlis -
Tioman -
Cyberjaya -
Melaka -
Kedah -
Selangor -
Sabah -
Johor -

29 March 08:
Hibiscus -
Kinabalu -
Kledang -
Korbu -
Rafflessia -
Kapas -
Sembilan -
Rawa -
Sibu -
Layang -
Pangkor -
Ketam -
Jerejak -
Labuan -

* To ensure a smooth upgrade, we will only upgrade 15 servers per batch.
* The upgrade is scheduled to be performed during the weekends between the dates mentioned above.
* Dedicated Server clients who wish to upgrade to PHP5 and MYSQL5, kindly contact our Server Support Team to schedule a date for the upgrade.

Technical Support and Additional information
Although most existing PHP 4 code should work without changes, you should pay attention to the following changes on upgrading your PHP codes:
- For a set of newly introduced Function, Directives and Object Model, please refer to respective URL:
New function: http://www.php.net/manual/en/migration5.functions.php
New directives: http://www.php.net/manual/en/migration5.newconf.php
New object model: http://www.php.net/manual/en/migration5.oop.php
- For a set Backward Incompatible Changes please refer to respective URL:

For MYSQL, a list of compatibility and changes from version 4.1 to 5.0, you may refer to URL below:

For extra precautionary measures, we strongly advise our customer to do a backup on their critical data.
Please be assured that during this planned maintenance our Helpdesk will be accessible as usual and our engineers will also standby on site at the data center.

If you need further information and clarification regarding this maintenance or if you experience difficulties after the maintenance period, please do not hesitate to contact us via helpdesk at https://support.exabytes.com/help/, email support@exabytes.com.

Thank you.

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