Network Maintenance - 202.75.48.x and 202.75.42.x

Date : 23 March 2007
Time : 2.00pm


There is a network routing congestion on the Datacenter which causes the servers' network latency and difficulty accessible.


All the server is up and running fine. Due to the network issue on the Datacenter, the server on ip range 202.75.48.x and 202.75.42.x will be facing access latency.

Our Engineer is currently working a line with the Datacenter engineer on the network problem.

We will update you on the further updates.


Date : 23 March 2007
Time : 5.30pm

Maintenance Details:

The 202.75.42.x and 202.75.48.x network resume normal traffic flow.

The data center engineer had diverted traffics to alternative among alternatives backbone which had alleviated the congestion.