POSTPONED: Planned Outage Activities at CBJ1 Data Center (formerly known as Myloca)

Dear Valued Clients,

Please be informed that following CBJ1 maintenance had been postponed until further notice. The reason is, TM CBJ1 data center is trying to arrange for more backup power so that during the maintenance, the downtime will be minimal instead of 24 hours.

We would like to extend our apology for the problem occurred. Any inconvenience caused is highly regretted.

Maintenance Date: 14th ⬠15th April 2007, GMT +0800
Maintenance Time: 7.00AM (14th Apr) ⬠7.00AM (15th Apr)

Maintenance Description:
TMNet has scheduled a repair and audit activities in the CBJ1 Data Center (formerly known as MyLoca) that involved the whole Data Center. It is part of an ongoing effort to ensure the integrity and reliability of the electrical power system of the Data Center at all times. The agenda of the planned outage are as below:

1. Power Upgrade (4x PDU + 4xSTS - to cater for capacity requirement)
2. Repair / audit /retest (to resolve major outage on 16/9 and 3 /10)
3. Batteries replacement (end of lifespan for 816 units UPS batteries need to be replaces)
4. Migration (re-cabling problematic power connection to new PDU/STS)
5. Installation of Monitoring Tools/probe and software
6. Megatest - assessment and audit 640 cables to the rack to check for fitness (detect harmonic /voltage drop or leakage

Maintenance Impact:
The maintenance will begin at 07.00AM Malaysian Time on Saturday, 14th April 2007. The work is expected to conclude within 24 hours, at approximately 07.00AM Malaysian Time, Sunday, 15th April 2007.

During these 24 hours period of activities, the AC power supply will be totally shut off due to security measures. We have been advised by TMNet to properly shut down all our servers and equipments before the activities take place at the said time. As a result, all web sites and emails hosted on CBJ1 data center will be inaccessible during this planned maintenance.

How to know if your web site or server is affected?
If your server IP is within the range and, your server is hosted on CBJ1 data center and is affected by this planned maintenance. To get your server IP, you may perform a "PING" by referring to tutorial below:

Notes: Clients hosted on CBJ2 and our US data center are not affected by this maintenance.

Technical Support and Additional information

For extra precautionary measures, we strongly advise our customer to do a backup on their critical data.

Please be assured that during this planned maintenance our Helpdesk will be accesible as usual and our engineers will also standby on site at the data center.

If you need further information and clarification on the maintenance or if you experience difficulties after the maintenance period, please contact us via helpdesk at (hosted in US), email or call our office at +604-630 8283.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Department
Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd

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