Immediate Maintenance : Einstein Server []

Date : 9 Mac 2007
Time : 2:18pm GMT +8:00

Maintenance Details:

The Einstein server found to be not working properly which requires a reboot.

The server is currently in the rebooting and yet is under chkdsk to check on the server harddisk to make sure that the harddisk is working properly.

The chkdsk process will take sometimes as the hardddisk size is huge.

Client whose website is hosted on the Einstein server will have difficulties on accessing to their website. However, the email activities will remain working fine.

We apologize for the inconvenient caused. We will post more updates on this issue.


Date : 9 Mac 2007
Time : 2:25pm GMT +8:00

Maintenance Details:

The server is back up running now.

Feel free to contact us if you do encounter on any difficulties accessing to this server.