Exabytes - Virtuozzo core update 2.6.9-023stab033.6

Dear Value Clients,

Date : 17 Nov 2006
Time : 12.00 am GMT+8
Server Affected : All VPSs hosted on Langkawi server []

Description of work:
We will be upgrading the Virtuozzo with the latest core update 2.6.9-023stab033.6

The update includes new and updated drivers, new features and security bug fixes.

During the upgrade, all VPSs will be stopped for 20-30 minutes as reboot of the main server is necessary after the upgrade.

Date : 17 Nov 2006
Time : 12.20 am GMT+8
The server is running file system checking after the core-update. All services are stopped during this process.

Date : 17 Nov 2006
Time : 3.45 am GMT+8
The core update is completed. All VPSs and their services resume normal.