Exabytes - Updates on Jupiter Mail Server (IP:

Dear Valued Clients,

For the past few days, there is a surge on our mail server traffics which caused our Jupiter mail server (IP: to be overloaded. We have taken immediate action to move away the top 30 usage domains which utilized almost 20-30% of our overall mail server traffics. We have also disabled some of the domains' catch all mailboxes which contributed another 10-20% of the mail server loads. The mail server is getting more stable now.

For the mean time, we will continue to migrate some of the domains to a separate mail server, in order to ensure optimum email performances. While we are migrating the domains, we need to restart the email services and this will cause intermittence connection time out to the Jupiter mail server. The migration is expected to me completed within the next 6 hours.

Over the past few months, we understand that there had been many issues with our Jupiter mail server on and off. In order to solve the problem once and for all, we are now planning for a major upgrade to the mail server hardware and software which will take place some time in mid of November.

Briefly, we will do the following:
- Split current mail server where your account hosted on from 1 to 3 servers.
- We will convert the email server from using MailEnable to SmarterMail which is more reliable and scalable. (We have being running SmarterMail on our newer Windows hosting clusters, and it works very stable)

We are now about to finalize all the upgrade details and we will post up an announcement soon.

Your great patience and kind understanding is highly appreciated.