Exabytes - Summary Report of Myloca Power Outage (3-10-06)

We are regret that there was a power outage incident happened on TM Net Data Center (Previously known as Myloca) yesterday afternoon. This power outage had caused some of our servers hosted in the data center to become inaccessible between 3.00pm - 5.45pm yesterday.

Summary Report of the Power Outage incident is as below :

Date of Incident: 3rd Oct 2006

- Our external monitoring systems detected that some of the servers hosted in Myloca data center were inaccessible.
- We called Myloca Data Center and the person in-charge at Myloca Network Operation Center (NOC) informed us that there was a power failure at the data center.

- Our Engineers stationed at Cyberjaya rushed to Myloca data center and standby at the data center.
- Our Engineers was told by Myloca NOC staff that the power failure was caused by inspection on the data center power supply.
- This Power Failure caused majority of the servers in Myloca shut down.

- The power supply to all racks and servers are not stable and eventually causing power failure.
- Myloca staff contacted TM facilities technician to inform about the incidents

- We posted up announcement on our Helpdesk and Support Center regarding this power outage.

- The power resumed, but the current still not stable.

- The power was fully resumed

Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd and TMNet Sdn Bhd is committed to ensure all the services are running smoothly without any interruption. To achieve this TM NET is always ensuring that all the critical systems are well designed, maintained and supported by the expert. The management has ensured that this system is built on state of the art technology platform as to not jeopardize the operation and business of our customers as a whole. For that reason the power system has been designed, deployed and authorized by the certified consultant and vendor with vast experience and support worldwide. The further strengthen this, all the procedure and technical compliance are followed by the company and its group as an extra precaution to ensure high services availabilities delivered to customers.

However with all commitment and investment, there are still small margin of failure to be expected. A 100% availability which seems to be achievable in theory with all redundant infrastructures in place is too perfect to be true. Manufacturing defect or human errors are the examples of error that might not be totally eliminated but can be controlled with a faster response and good support. No doubt, the system which has performed reliably since the past 6 years has for once failed although for a just 2 hours.

As a service provider Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd is truly regret for all that happened. As much as we hope that such technical glitch will never happen, a little can be done to avoid such error especially within the system that has been tested and maintained. Hopefully this report can at least inform all the parties on the effort, support and response that can be offered to show our commitment to deliver the service to our customer.

This power outage was beyond our expectation as we didn't receive any notice from TM Net Data Center prior to this inspection exercise which caused the power outage. We have expressed our dissatisfaction to the TM Net Data Center management and requested an official report from TM Net Data Center
regarding this incident.

Your great patience and kind understanding on this matter is highly appreciated.

* All the information is this report are based on early finding and investigation by the authorized parties and may subject to changes upon the release of full technical report from the vendor. This report intends to answer some concern over the power infrastructure and need to be seen as part of the process of providing permanent solution to this incident.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact. Thank You!

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Department
Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd

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