Exabytes - Mailenable Upgrade


We shall be upgrarding our share hosting Mailenable Enterprise mail server to the latest version 2.x. The upgrade is a major version upgrade which includes the following new features compare to 1.x:

Improved Spam Protection
URL Blacklisting scans the content of messages as they are received and can identify whether the contents of the messages contain offensive URLs by looking up their IP address against DNS blacklist providers.

Enhanced Web Mail
The addition of .NET web mail allows for enhanced features such as spell checking, searching capabilities, and multilingual interfaces. Supported languages include French, German, Italian, Spanish and English. New web mail skins are also included.

Tighter Security and Integration
The inclusion of NTLM not only means better integration with Microsoft Outlook but tighter security for mail users. NTLM provides a high level of security by utilizing strong password encryption. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support for SMTP, POP and IMAP Protocols allows mail clients to connect to the server securely by ensuring that mail communications between the mail client and MailEnable are encrypted.

Powerful filtering
System Administrators can configure advanced filters to analyze messages as they pass through the Mail Transfer Agent. These filters are authored as scripts, providing a highly configurable and powerful filtering engine. The scripting language is similar to Microsoft VBScript and includes some custom in-built functions for validating criteria.

We shall be performing the upgrade for the affected servers as scheduled below:

Servers Name ( US Share hosting mail server)

Date : 14 October 2006
Time of Maitenance : 11.30PM GMT-0700 Mountain Time ( US & Canada )

1. Jupiter ( )
2. Jupiter2 ( )
3. Globemaster ( )
4. Blackhole ( )

Servers Name ( Malaysia Share hosting mail server)

Date : 21 October 2006
Time of Maitenance : 11.30PM GMT+0800

1. Virgo ( )
2. Virgo2 ( )

Impact of maitenance
During the upgrade, the mail services will be stop to ensure a smooth running of the upgrade installation. We expect the upgrade to be completed within 15-30 minutes. Users will not be able to access to the mail server during the upgrade.

We shall make further announcement once the upgrade is completed. If you have any further enquiries about this upgrade, please do contact us at http://support.exabytes.com/help


Updates : 15 Oct 2006 2.45PM GMT+8

The upgrades has been completed successfully for all Mailenable Enterprise server in US.