Power Outage Maintenance on MyLOCA Datacenter

Date : 03 Oct 2006
Time: 3:45pm (GMT +8:00)

Maintenance Details:
The MyLoca datacenter is currently performing power maintenance which will cause power unstability.

Maintenance Affect:
All server on 202.75.42.x and 202.75.48.x will be affected where the user will be unable to access to the server temporary.

There is no ETA provided by the MyLoca technician regarding to this issue. However, we will assure that the server and the power resumed as soon as possible.

We will update you further on the maintenance.


Date : 03 Oct 2006
Time: 5:45pm (GMT +8:00)

Maintenance Update :

The datacenter power outage solved and all the server is currently back up running.

However, there are a few server is currently running on check disk due to the in proper shutdown during the power outage.

The server is estimated to be up and running fine in another 1 hour depending on the disk space size.

We will keep posted on this issue.