Mail Server Maintenance (Virgo -

Dear Valued Clients,

Please be informed that we will be performing major maintenance on following server on date and time as specify below:

Server Hostname: (Mail Server for Windows Hosting)
Server IP Address:
Maintenance Date: 29th April 2006 (Saturday)
Maintenance Time Frame: 12.15am – 11.00pm

We estimated the maintenance might take up to 23 hours to be completed.
During this maintenance, all emails sent to domains hosted on this mail server will be bounced back to the original sender. To prevent email lost, you may subscribe to Exabytes Email Backup Service.

Only the email services of domains hosted on “Virgo” mail server will be affected. Web services will be running as usual as the web site is hosted on different server.

Clients hosted on other servers will not be affected by this maintenance.