Bandwidth Upgrade in TmNet Data Center ( Malaysia )

Date : 13 March 2006 GMT+8

Description of Work:

We understand that some of the users are experiencing slow loading of their website to our servers hosted in TmNet data center in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. The issue resolved by the bandwidth supported by the data center has reach its maximum throughput. The current connections available in the data center is 155Mbps x 2.

We have contacted the personnel in charge in the data center , and according to them, they will be performing the bandwidth upgrade to 1GB bandwidth starting by this week in batch mode on the network in the data center and expect to fully complete the upgrade by this month end.

As a side note, the personnel in charge has also contacted Streamyx Support Team and according to them, there has been also some connection congested on Streamyx connection which may some times causes slow access to network in TmNet data center. They will work in hand with the Streamyx support to resolve issue in conjuction of the network upgrade in the data center.

We will keep this announcement posted from time to time for any updates available update from the TmNet data center. Sorry for any inconveniences and thank you for your warm support to Exabytes Hosting services.


Updates: 14 March 2006 1.38PM GMT+8

We have received announcement from the data center that they are currently in progress of running the network upgrade at the data center. Please be informed all our servers are currently online. Users may experience problems accessing website / FTP / email services due to the connection at the data center may be interrupted during the upgrade. ETA of upgrade will be 2-3 hours time.


Updates: 14 March 2006 5pm GMT +8

Please be informed that the server which is in 202.75.42.* network is up.

However, the server which is in 202.75.48.* network is still down.

The TMNET data center network engineer are still doing the upgrading on this IP range.


Updates: 14 March 2006 5.30pm GMT +8

Kindly be informed that all the network is up and working fine now.

Updates: 14 March 2006 9.38pm GMT +8

Kindly be informed that the Bandwidth Upgrade will continue tomorrow 15 March 2006 GMT +8 to improve the datacenter network.
Users hosted on 202.75.48.* and 202.75.42.* IP range may experience connection inconsistency to access to our server.


Updates : 15 March 2006 9.00AM GMT +8

A brief announcement has been send out to all users hosted in Malaysia through our billing system record with the Subject "Exabytes - TMNet Data Center Maintenance".


Updates : 16 March 2006 10.41AM GMT +8

Please be informed the upgrade is still in progress and there will be still intermediate connection problems to the network in TmNet data center. We will post any available new updates as soon as we received any from the data center.


Updates : 16 March 2006 4.24PM GMT +8

Please be informed that we have received updates from the data center that the bandwidth upgrade has been completed. We will be monitoring the network and connection for the following days to ensure everything is fine.

Sorry for any inconveniences and thank you for your patience and kind understanding in this issue.