Server Memory Upgrade - Paladin Server []

Date : 7 March 2006
Time : 12:00AM
ETA Time: 15 - 20 Minutes.

Upgrade Details:

The server Paladin Server [] current memory (RAM) is 1GB. We will upgrade it to 2GB to increase its performance. The server will need to be brought offline for the memory upgrade.

Upgrade Effects:

During the upgrade, all client hosted on Paladin Server [] will be having difficulties on accessing to websites, FTPs, HELM control panel and databases.
However, mail services still continue to function as it is hosted on another mail server.

If you do have any inquiries, feel free to contact

Update : 7 March 2006 12.10am GMT+0800

Paladin Server [] is back online after the server memory upgrade. Server services resume as normal.