Maintenance Window -- Replacement of secondary Hard Disk on Leo ( )

Date: 06 JAN 2006
Time : 12:00AM GMT+8

Description of Work
We will be replacing the secondary hard disk on the server as the hard disk has been reported to be problems which causes unstability for the server lately this 2 days.

Impact of Work
The server will be shut down in order for the hard disk to be replaced. We expect a max of downtime of 15-30 minutes for the hard disk replacement. The server will also encounter some performance degration after the hard drive replacement as we will need to rebuild the RAID 1 mirroring on the server which will take up some times. Further updates will be posted on this announcement.

Updates : 06 JAN 2006
Time : 1.42AM GMT+8

The secondary hard disk has been replaced and the disk is resyncing for the RAID 1 mirroring on the server. We will make a final update once the mirror is completed.

Updates : 07 JAN 2006
Time : 12.17 GMT+8

The RAID rebuild has been completed. We have been monitoring on the server for the past 12 hours and the server is running fine now.