Mail Server Maintenance - Virgo (

Dear Value Client,

Date : 02 November 2005
Time : 12:00AM
Servers Affected : All users who is utilising Virgo mail server at IP

Description of Work:
There will be hardware replacement on the Virgo server to improve the server performance.

Impact of Maitenance:
We expected the downtime will be 30 minutes and might delayed depending on the server condition after the replacement. All user's email activity (webmail, SMTP,IMAP,POP) will be down.


Update : 02 November 2005
Time : 12.55AM

The replacement of hardware is sucessfully made. However, a check disk is being schedule on the Windows server. We will post more update once the server is online.


Update : 02 November 2005
Time : 3.00AM

The server has fully recover for its services.