Exabytes - IP Address Renumbering

Dear Valued Clients,


We have recently obtained our own class of IP addresses from our upstream data center provider. As part of the process of obtaining the new IP space, we are required to renumber any servers we have that are on our existing IP space. Please take note that servers using following IP Address blocks will be affected:

Current Server IPs:

Because we are committed to providing our customers with a superior customer experience, you can count on us to completely manage this process. We will be responsible for loading the new IPs to our servers and updating any configuration settings on our servers to reflect the new IPs. During this process, our server will continue to function on both the old and new IPs for a week. As a result, you and your customers will not experience any operational downtime because of DNS caching.

We will begin loading the new IPs onto our server from October 17, 2005 6.30PM Mountain Time (Server Time).


Additionally, it is also very important that if you manage your own DNS you will need to update your DNS settings to point to the new IPs. You may obtain your new IP address from your HELM control panel. You should not make these DNS changes until we complete our reconfiguration work, based on the timeline outlined below.


Monday, October 17, 2005 6.30PM - 2:00AM Mountain Time: We will reconfigure our server to utilize the new server IPs. We will update all settings in Helm, IIS, DNS, mail server settings, etc. This work won't cause any downtime for your sites or your customers. Our server will be configured so that requests to both the old and the new IPs will work.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005: Please confirm that everything on your site is working normally. While we don't expect this change to cause any issues and will test our server to confirm everything appears to be working, there's always a chance that some minor issues may occur. If you find any problems, please bring them to our Technical Support attention immediately. At this point, if you manage your own DNS you have to update your DNS and point to the new IPs.

Monday, October 24, 2005 9:00PM - 2:00AM Mountain Time: We will remove the old IPs from our server and any references to the old IPs in our server's configuration.
WARNING: At this point, if you have not updated your name servers with the new IPs and informed any customers running their own DNS to update their IPs, your sites will go down.

While I'm sure that you may view this as a major undertaking, we are very experienced at performing this sort of work with minimal impact to our customers. Our methods and procedures are very highly planned and are designed to minimize customer impact.


For resellers and clients with own name servers,

While we will be responsible for most of the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition, you must update your name servers to point to the new IP addresses. Please use these settings:

Primary Name Server:
Secondary Name Server:


IP Renumbering FAQ


  1. How do I know if I would need to update my private name server?

If your private name servers IP are previously using and, you are required to update the name server as to the above new IP.


  1. How do I update my private name server IP?

You will need to login to your domain registrar and update the name server IP. If your domain is registered through Exabytes Network and have problems updating the name server in your domain registrar, please contact our technical support at http://support.exabytes.com/help/ .


For domains which are not registered through Exabytes Network, please contact your domain registrar technical support for further steps.


For country level domains such as .com.sg, .co.uk.. etc, the domain owner will need to login to their domain registrar and manually update the name server IP.


  1. What are the consequences if I have not updated the name server by 24 October 2005 Mountain Time?

We will be returning the old IPs by 24 October 2005 Mountain Time to the data center. If your private name server are not updated by 24 October 2005 Mountain Time, all your resold domains website and email activity will be inaccessible through the Internet.


  1. How do I know my domain web server IP after the renumbering?

The IP renumbering progress has been completed on 17 October 2005. You may check the web server IP by login to the HELM control panel > Domain > Click your domain > WebSite Setting.


How-to update name server on my domain registrar 




1. First, log into your customer account:

� Go to the Go Daddy Account Login Page
� Log in using your account username (which may be the same as your customer number) and password

Once logged in just follow these steps:

2. Select 'Manage Domains' from the 'Domain Names' menu

If there is a yellow 'lock' icon to the right of the domain name, you will need to unlock the domain (steps 1-5) before proceeding:

a. Check the domain or domains that you wish to unlock.
b. Click the grey 'Set Locking' button from above the list of domains.
c. If you have selected multiple domains click the 'Click here to Enable Fields' link under the warning.
d. Select the button next to 'Unlocked'.
e. Click the green 'Save Changes' button.

You can lock the domain again once your desired change is complete.

3. Continue with change:

a. Click on the domain of the registered nameserver(s) (if the nameserver is ns.adomain.com, you would click on adomain.com)
b. Click the '+' next to 'Domain Host Summary' from the menu that appears to the right
c. Click on the link named 'Click here to see details or to modify'
d. Make the desired changes
e. Click the green 'Save Changes' button

Changes to the settings of a domain can take an average of 48 hours due to the number of networks involved. These networks are controlled by many different entities and are updated independently




Please contact domain@exabytes.com to request for IP address update for your name server for domain name registered through Webnic.cc




1. Login to https://manage.opensrs.net

2. Click on �Name Servers� link

3. Scroll to bottom of the page and click on �If you want to create or modify a name server which is based on yourdomain.com click here.�

4. You will see your pair of Name server with IP address

5. Replace/overwrite the �IP Address� field with new IP address and click on �Modify� button




1. Login to https://registerfly.com/scripts/login.php?url=../scripts/account.php

2. Select the domain name you wish to manage

3. Click on �Register/ edit nameservers� under NameServer Management Section

4. Click on �Modify Existing Name Server�

5. Fill in the prefix of your name server, fill in the old IP address and new IP address to make the changes