Exabytes - Jupiter Mail Server Maintenance

Maintenance Date:  21 Sep 2005

Maintenance Time: 8.45pm Mountain Time (server time)

Servers Effected: Jupiter.secure-xp.net (
Clients Effected: All clients hosted on Windows 2003 server who are using Jupiter.secure-xp.net ( as mail server.


Description of Work:
We will shut down Jupiter for few minutes to replace the hard ward SATA card.


Service Impact:

During the maintenance period, the mail services will be interrupted for up to 30 min. However web sites will work normally and will not be affected. If someone send you an email during this maintenance, the email will most likely queue on the sender's mail server to schedule for resend or else will be bounced back to the original sender.



Update: This maintenance has been completed on 8.55pm Mountain Time, 21 Sep 2005.