Mail Server Maintenance

Dear Valued Clients,
Maintenance Date: 21st Aug 2005 (Sunday)
Maintenance Time: 11.00AM - 6.00PM Mountain Time
Servers Effected: ( and (
Clients Effected: All clients hosted on Windows 2003 server which utilizing above mail servers.

Description of Work:
In order to serve you better, on 21st August 2005, Sunday morning, we will be upgrading the hard drives of our mail server. We will remove the old hard drives, add in new larger hard drives and synchronize the data from old hard drives to new hard drives. Due to the data is large, we estimate it might takes up to 6 hours to fully synchronize the hard drives data.

Service Impact:
During the maintenance period, the mail services will be interrupted for up to 6 hours. However web sites will work normally and not affected. If someone send you an email during this maintenance, the email will most likely queue on the sender's mail server to schedule for resend or else will be bounced back to the original sender.

Time Zone Converter:
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For further technical assistance, please create a Helpdesk Ticket at

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact. Thank You!


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Update : 22 Aug 2005 12:39PM (GMT+8)


Please be informed that the mail server disk upgrade is currently is the final stage where we need to defragment the new harddrive for better performance.


Due to the new disk is having large size, defragmenttation will takes at least 10 to 12 hours.


Service IMPACT:

There will be degradation of the mail server performance due to the high server resource and disk IO usage for defragmentation.


We will udpate once the defragmentation completed.


Update:  23 Aug 2005 3.15AM (GMT+8)


The last defragmentation crashed half way on the server which forces us to reboot the server. The server RAID turns into a rebuild mode after the reboot which causes the server to be run into degraded I/O mode. The current RAID rebuild status is at 23%. As the RAID is rebuilding, users will experience some performance degration on webmail and email downloading via POP3.


All services are back into order now. Please be informed that we will be running the defragmentation on the server by 08:00PM ( GMT-7 Mountain Time US & Canada ). The deframentation is compulsory in order to have the mail server I/O perform to its full performace after the Postoffice drive migration. ALL mail service will be stopped during the defragmentation and we expect the defragmentation to be completed in 4 hours time.