Exabytes - SQL Server Upgrades

Dear Valued Clients,

Date : 30th July 2005 (Saturday)
Start Time : 11.00pm Mountain Time, 30th July 2005
Estimated End Time : 02.00am Mountain Time, 31st July 2005
Server Effected : Pluto.secure-xp.net (IP: / - Microsoft SQL Server

Maintenance Description:
We will be upgrading Pluto MSSQL Server's hardware by migrating the entire Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to a brand new Dual Xeon CPUs server on the above scheduled date and time.

Maintenance Impact:
1. During the migration, entire Microsoft SQL server will be stopped. This will cause service interruption to web sites which are using Pluto as MSSQL server.
2. IP Address of the MSSQL server will change. You are required to update your SQL database connection string after the migration. Please find your New SQL Server IP inside your HELM Control Panel after the upgrade is completed.