How to Submit Payment via Credit Card?

To submit your payment using credit card, please follow steps below:


1. Log into our Client Billing System at URL below: (for clients)


or (for clients)


Login ID = Your Email Address

  • If you have lost your password is, please click on "Forgot Your Password"

2. After login, Goto "My Finance" menu.

3. Click on "Pay Online" or "Total Now Due".

4. You will see your now due / past due invoice(s) listing there. Click on the invoice number to view your invoice.

5. Now you may click on "Pay With WorldPay" or "Pay With FuturePay (Recurring)" button to submit your payment.

  • If you use "FuturePay" your credit card will be billed automatically on each billing period.

6. After you have submitted your payment successfully, you shall receive your receipt within 24 Hours.

  • Please let us know if your email address is no longer valid or our billing system doesn't log you in.
  • Click Here to contact Billing Department.