[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance - Smartermail upgrade (US)

Date: 28th Aug 2015
Time: 3.00 AM MDT -0600 / 5
.00 PM MYT +0800
Maintenance Update:
The smartermail upgrade maintenance was successful and completed ahead of schedule.
All servers will now resume their operations smoothly without any noticeable service impact.
Thank you for your patience and have a nice day!
Date: 28th Aug 2015
Time: 1.00 AM MDT -0600 / 
3.00 PM MYT +0800
ETA: 30 minutes per server
*** Only shared hosting client's email services host under smartermail server will be affected ***
Maintenance Update:
All windows server user subscribed shared hosting package (EBiz Plus / EBiz Gold / EBiz Beginner / EBiz Home / Xtudent & Reseller Package) shall upgrade from from 13.3 to 14.2 version.

Maintenance affects:
During maintenance, all email services such as Webmail, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP will not be available.

Latest changelog for Smatermail version 14.2

Version 14.2.5704 (2015-08-14)

  • Fixed: The Antispam Administration page's Filtering tab fields now save correctly.
  • Added: A menu option under Actions to retrieve the CalDAV URLs to use for the users personal calendars.
  • Added: A primary system administrator option to disable retrieval of passwords by secondary system administrators.
  • Added: Categories for a user's Contacts are now included when exporting to CSV and can be imported from CSV.
  • Added: ICS files can now be imported into SmarterMail calendars.
  • Added: Migrating Gmail contacts now maps the Notes field to the Additional Info field of a SmarterMail contact.
  • Added: Multiple personal calendars can now be synced using SharePoint sync (Add to Outlook).
  • Added: SmarterMail is now compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).
  • Added: The ActiveSync users grid for both system and domain administrators now includes a column for the users last sync date and time.
  • Added: The svcDomainAdmin web service's GetAllDomainsWithProperties function now supports all of the properties that can be retrieved with the GetRequestedDomainSettings function.
  • Added: The svcUserAdmin web service now includes a GetActiveSyncUsers2 function which returns device and last sync information for each Exchange ActiveSync user.
  • Added: The webmail function that turns URLs into links now include extensions of .br, .it, .edu and .web.
  • Changed: If SmarterMail fails to load a userConfig.xml file it will attempt to load the userConfig_bak.xml file if one exists.
  • Changed: Messages sent over SMTP to postmaster@[domain] will now deliver to the primary domain admin and the global postmaster address if a postmaster account has not been created for the target domain.
  • Changed: The maximum threads allowed for spam checks has been increased from 50 to 150.
  • Efficiency: The loading of the reminders popup window is now much faster for users with a large number of calendar events.
  • Fixed: A meeting request that was declined now properly shows that it was declined in webmail.
  • Fixed: A migration cancelled by the system administrator now resets the migration wizard for the user allowing them to start a new migration.
  • Fixed: A scenario that could cause an error page when viewing domain users.
  • Fixed: Accepting a meeting request in webmail that contains an exception event no longer sends multiple acceptance emails to the organizer.
  • Fixed: All day appointments synced using SharePoint sync now display on the correct date.
  • Fixed: Attendees will no longer receive a cancelled appointment email when an organizer deletes a past event.
  • Fixed: Blacklisting multiple IP addresses from a page under Current Connections now correctly adds all selected IP addresses to the blacklist.
  • Fixed: Deleting an item from the Appointments or Messages tabs when viewing a contact now properly hides the buttons from the tabs that are not selected.
  • Fixed: Deleting multiple contacts from an address book shared from another user now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: DMARC verification now only fails if both the SPF and DKIM checks fail to verify, per RFC.
  • Fixed: Doing a search after scrolling through contacts in webmail now correctly displays the search results.
  • Fixed: Having two or more email folders with names of single digit numbers are now displayed correctly in webmail.
  • Fixed: Propagating the Mailbox Size Limit user default field to all domains or a specified domain now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: Recurring calendar events created before DST now adjust properly in webmail after the DST time change.
  • Fixed: Sending a message exceeding a domain's max message size limit from Outlook 2013 using Exchange ActiveSync now displays a proper error message to the sender.
  • Fixed: Syncing a shared resource using Exchange Web Services now displays the share's friendly name instead of it's internal ID.
  • Fixed: The attendees hyperlink is no longer displayed in webmail for meetings where the user is not the organizer.
  • Fixed: The button to hide / show the email folders in webmail now functions correctly after adjusting the divider between the message list and message preview sections.
  • Fixed: The calendar page in webmail now functions correctly for users with permissions to view one or more newly created domain level calendars.
  • Fixed: The delete button when editing a note now function correctly.
  • Fixed: The GetItemEstimate function in Exchange ActiveSync now uses the correct namespace.
  • Fixed: The Global Address List can no longer be synced using Exchange Web Services for domains that do not share the GAL to users.
  • Fixed: The Listserv commands for setting digest or standard mode now function correctly.
  • Fixed: The system level trusted sender description field can now be edited.
  • Fixed: TLS 1.2 is now fully supported for both incoming and outgoing connections.
  • Fixed: Updated CreateContactItem and CreateTaskItem functions for Exchange Web Services to return a ChangeKey field.
  • Fixed: Users with read-only permissions to a shared calendar can no longer delete appointments from that calendar on the All Appointments tab.
  • Fixed: Various serialization errors have been fixed when using state servers for handling webmail session state.
  • Removed: Bounce.io has been removed as the service will be discontinued on October 1.
Best regards, 
Technical Support Department