[COMPLETED] Service Disruption - List5 []

Date : 30th June 2015
Time : 12.00PM GMT +0800
Service Disruption update:
Restoration completed and server is up and working fine now.
If you still facing any issue please contact support.
Date : 29th June 2015
Time : 11.00AM GMT +0800
Service Disruption update:
There is some data error and our team will perform a restoration from backup server.
Date : 29th June 2015
Time : 08:30AM GMT +0800
Service Disruption update:
The services for the server are now responding and our team will further investigate the portal page error. We should come back to you as there are any new developments!
Dear Valued Customers,
Date : 28th June 2015
Time : 01:00AM GMT +0800
ETA   :  N/A 
*** Only clients hosted on List5 server will be affected  ***
Service Disruption Details:
Our monitoring system has detected that all the services for this server has not been responding and support engineers are further investigating on this.  Please wait for our next update. We should come back soon as there are any new developments!
Service Disruption Affects:
During the period, all services inside this server will not be available.

Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Support Department