[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance - Selected Linux shared servers (US)

Date: 19th May 2015
Time: 02:00AM (GMT -0700)
Maintenance Update:-
The maintenance on the servers is completed and services will now resume smoothly without any noticeable service impact.


Dear Valued Customers,

    * * *Only clients hosted on selected servers will be affected and get notify privately ***

Date: 19th May 2015
Time: 12:00AM - 03:00AM MDT
Affected servers: 

[COMPLETED] s-ns.mschosting.com

[COMPLETED] b.clickme.my

[COMPLETED] belial

[COMPLETED] hydrogen

[COMPLETED] keywarden


[COMPLETED] megatron

[COMPLETED] nekarat


[COMPLETED] power1

[COMPLETED] power2

[COMPLETED] power3

[COMPLETED] sokahr

[COMPLETED] springer

[COMPLETED] Sunstreaker




[COMPLETED] xahrith

Maintenance details:
We will arrange patching for selected Linux shared servers to ensure security is up-to-date.
Those affected clients will receive notification privately by deliver to primary contact email.

Maintenance affect:
During the updating, all services will not be available. 
Best regards, 
Technical team
Technical Support Department