[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance - Smartermail upgrade (Feb 2015, batch 2b)

Date: 7th Feb 2015

Date: 1.30 AM MST


Q&A regarding Webmail's Inbox restoration

1. How I know my account has been affected by this maintenance?
Reply: You may perform a PING on your MX entry which is mail.domain.com.
If the IP that return is one of the following then your account involved in 6th Feb 2015 Smartermail upgrade.
How to PING:
2. How do I know my Smartermail version has been updated?
Reply: When you access your webmail via http://mail.domain.com / server IP: or, you will notice the Smartermail version at right bottom corner.
3.  Why I cannot view my emails inside Webmail's Inbox?
Reply: There is a major Smartermail version upgrade on the mail server that host your account which lead to this incident and our team need to restore back your data manually to gain back the access.
4. Why my email client (Thunderbird/Outlook and etc) not able to view the email?
Reply: If your email client setup is using IMAP then it will not show anything until your Webmail’s Inbox get restore and sync it over your email client.
If you are using POP3 then those emails that download under your terminal will not affected by this incident.
5. Where is Exabytes restore my mail?
Reply: Our team will restore all emails of your previous Inbox and subfolders into a folder name "Archived [Date_We_Restored]” under your Webmail’s Inbox permanently.
You may move those emails from that folder to your Webmail original Inbox directly by drag and drop or Select them then click "Action" + "Move" to move mails.
6. Where my new incoming email go to?
Reply: Your new email will deliver in default Inbox as usual and the Inbox under “Archived [Date_We_Restored]” is old data that we restore.



Date: 6th Feb 2015

Time: 07:00PM MST

Maintenance update:

Our team wishes to inform that Webmail email missing issue has been detected on recent Smartermail upgrade from 5.5 to 13.2 version.

Client may experience emails inside Webmail's Inbox not viewable.

Please contact us via helpdesk at https://support.exabytes.com/help/ or email us at  with your domain and also email account that which to restore.

All data will be restore into folder name “Archived [Date_We_Restored]” inside your Webmail.



Date: 6th Feb 2015
Time: 2:00AM MYT 


Maintenance Update:

Great news! The maintenance was successful and completed ahead of schedule. All Mail services will now resume their operations smoothly without any noticeable service impact.


Thank you for your patience and have a nice day! 



Date: 6th Feb 2015
Start Time: 1:30AM MYT
ETA: 30 minutes per server


Maintenance Update:

Upgrade is in progress, Please wait for our next update.


We should come back to you as soon as there are any new developments.



Dear Valued Customers,
  * * *Only clients that affected will be notified privately ***
Maintenance details:
Our team will upgrade Smartermail version from 5.5 to 13.2 for the following servers:
Date: 6th Feb 2015
Time: 12:00 AM MST
ETA: 30 minutes per server

There will be Major changes on the Webmail Interfaces and many great features will be added in as below: 

1. Greatly increased the performance of the Webmail interface and customization

The new webmail interface is visually pleasing and focuses on improving the user experience by reducing the amount of time and number of clicks it takes to access mailbox data.

Beside that, it introduces a much simpler way for users to customize the look and feel of their webmail experience. Now, rather than having to access system files to create custom styles, users can simply override existing SmarterMail styles with their own variables or, more simply, by modifying the overall color scheme of the primary, secondary and hyperlink colors. 


2. New functionality for user

Adjust on Auto Refresh Rate, Enable popups when edit, Set Active range for auto-responder.


3. New functionality for domain administrator

Enable DKIM signing  - verify the authenticity of a message and can be used to protect users from phishing schemes or spam attacks.

Personalization - New Smartermail version introduces a much simpler way for users to customize the look and feel of their webmail experience.


4 All New Mailbox Migration Function

Our clients can use the mailbox migration tool within the webmail interface to import existing email and collaboration data.

Individual users are ensured a hassle-free transition from products and services like Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! and more, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Depending on the service the user is migrating from, existing email, calendars, tasks and notes can be easily transferred to SmarterMail.




5. Personalize Your Contacts

New version allows users to add pictures to their contacts, thereby putting a face to a name, as it were, when typing up emails. Beside that, client able to Filter or Sort their contacts now.


6 Advanced Message Composition

Composing and sending a message is easier and more efficient with additional editing and formatting options.

A new text editor means that users have the tools they need to create richly formatted emails, without a lot of unnecessary code in the background. Cleaner code can help keep delivery, receipt and viewing of emails fast and efficient. 


7. Greater Support for International Customers

New Smartermail version not only included support for right-to-left languages in our Web interface and greatly simplified language strings to make things much easier for automated translations and for customers who create their own translation files. 



It doesn’t stop here, the cool new release of Smarter Mail 13.2 has more features which require you to access and experience it including advanced spell check option, menu switch to lighter weight controls and so on.


Maintenance affects:

During this maintenance, we need to take our mail server offline for 15-30 minutes each to perform the upgrade and reboot the mail server.

You won't be able to access your emails during the maintenance.

Please bare with this temporary outage as this upgrade is done solely to provide our customers the best possible service, and we thank you for your kind cooperation. 

If you need further information and clarification on the maintenance or if you experience difficulties after the maintenance period, please contact us via helpdesk at https://support.exabytes.com/help/ or email us at support@exabytes.com 

Best regards, 
Technical Support Department