Dear Valued Customers,
    * * * Only clients who run on Linux servers will be affected * * *
Announcement Details:
Red Hat Product Security team discovered a critical vulnerability in the glibc library. This vulnerability enables attackers to remotely take control of systems without knowing system IDs or passwords. This vulnerability is known as GHOST
To determine if your server is affected, run the below command
rpm -q --changelog glibc | grep CVE-2015-0235
To apply the patch, run the below command
yum clean all ; yum update glibc
To verify the new glibc RPM, run the below command
rpm -q --changelog glibc | grep CVE-2015-0235
A server reboot is recommended after applying the patch.
Should you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our 24x7 technical support team (Department: Tech Support (24x7) - Server / Co-location / VPS) by submitting a ticket at .
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Support Team
Technical Support Department