Dear Valued Customers,
We recently found a network monitoring tool, SNMP is turned on by default in several versions of centOS 6. Although no harm is expected, with its default configuration, it can expose some server information to the public. Therefore, we strongly suggest our users to disable this service unless it is done with a considerable tweak.
Shall your Cloud server operating system are among the below versions, you are advised to disable SNMP service as soon as possible,
CentOS 6.3 / CentOS 6.3 cPanel x64
CentOS 6.4 / CentOS 6.4 cPanel x64
CentOS 6.5 / CentOS 6.5 cPanel x64
The following are the steps to disable SNMP service:
1. To stop SNMP service
1.1 Remotely access server
1.2 Enter command # service snmpd stop ( command appear after symbol # )
2. To disable SNMP service from running at operating system startup
2.1 Remotely access server
2.2 Enter command # chkconfig snmpd off ( command appear after symbol # )
If you need our help to disable SNMP service, please feel free to request assistance from our 24x7 technical support by submitting a ticket to us at: ( select "Server / Co-location / VPS" department ).
Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Support Department