[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance: Disable Windows SMTP without Authentication

Dear Valued Customers,

*** Only clients hosted on Windows shared hosting servers will be affected. ***
This is an early announcement that Exabytes will disable Windows SMTP without Authentication (IIS SMTP+Smartermail).
How it affects you?
Exabytes shall disable the two features mentioned above on all Windows shared hosting servers starting from June 2014.
Why we apply it?
This is to reduce Spam that relay via IIS due to poor and vulnerability of script/application.
What will happen when this is applied?
Any script/form/application that is using SMTP without authentication will fail.
Create a POP3 account and adjust the script/application to authenticate with the new POP3 account.

Date: End of June 2014
Action: Disable Smartermail SMTP Authentication Bypass
Affected Servers: All Windows shared hosting servers. Users are required to use SMTP authentication when connecting their script through email server. Otherwise email sending will fail.
Date: End of August 2014
Action: Disable IIS6 SMTP
Affected Servers: All Windows shared hosting servers. All emails must be sent through authentication method instead of IIS SMTP service to improve email sending quality.

Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Support Department