[Discontinue] Announcement: New Anti Spam features on selected Linux shared hosting servers

Date : 14th July 2014

Due to variety reason, we have decided to discontinue this anti spam features.


Dear Valued Customers,
Kindly be informed that we will start to enable additional Anti Spam features on cPanel on selected Linux shared hosting servers.

To see if this feature is enabled on your cPanel hosting account, login to your cPanel account > Mail and you should see a new icon named "SPAM XXXX".

If you do not see this, generally it means we have not got this implemented on the server which your hosting account is currently hosted.

1) Is this free?
Yes, this additional feature is completely free of charge.

2) Can I bypass this New Anti Spam checking for my hosting account?
Bypass is allowed from server level only. Moreover, we require a request from the hosting account primary contact before we can allow the bypass.

Our team strongly recommends that you apply this on your hosting account to fight Spam together with us.

3) What happens to an email that is treated as Spam?
Normal email delivered as usual to your Inbox.

Email with high Spam possibility will get quarantined and appears in your Webmail 'Spambox'.

New Anti Spam will drop an email to sender and request them to resend it with code.

Remote host said: 554 5.7.1 Mail (id-12345-67890) appears to be unsolicited, please resend with the code XXXXXXXX appended to email subject and ask to have your sender email whitelisted (the code XXXXXXXX changes each 24 hours)

Therefore to prove that the email is sent by the legitimate sender, please take the code appear in message: XXXXXXXX then paste in Subject and send again.

Notes: Based on our experience, spams generated by script normally so they will not attempt on the resending.

4) How long will New Anti Spam keep the quarantined Spam?
Spam that is quarantined will get recycled after 7 Days.

5) Do I get a report of the quarantined Spam?
Yes, New Anti Spam will auto drop a report to you.

6) What is the common issue you will get?

A, If you are not able to send out emails, please make sure SMTP Authentication is turned at your email client.



B, Provide us with your terminal IP address if you fail to connect by browsing http://myip.dk

C, If you receive any returned email from your sending, please provide us with the full header of the email.

Please feel free to contact our Helpdesk at https://support.exabytes.com.my/help/ if you shall need any further enquiries.