[COMPLETED]Exabytes - Scheduled Email Server Migration for Asteroids (

Dear Valued Customer,
Date : 4rd Feb 2014
Start Time: 02:00 AM MST

The server Migration is completed.  No changes need to be done from user end.


Date : 3rd Feb 2014
Start Time: 11:00 PM MST
ETA: 3 hours

Maintenance Description:
To improve the performance of the server, we will be migrating your email accounts which is hosted on Asteroids (IP: to a server with better hardware server.

We would like to apologize for the short notice of this news, as we understand that it would be better to migrate all accounts as soon as possible before any performance issue.

Maintenance Impact:
1. During the migration, your email services might be slightly interrupted.

2. The IP Address of email account will NOT be changed upon the completion of the migration. 

3. Your email account login will remain unchanged.

4. You are advised to keep a backup of your email message on your local terminal by using email client such as Outlook.

5. Please do not worry about your web sites as they will be remained at current hosted web server. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us by creating a Helpdesk Ticket at https://support.exabytes.com/help/ if you have any enquiries regarding this server upgrade exercise. 

Thank you very much for your attention! 

Best regards, 

Support team
Technical department