Current CDN System Discontinuation Notice

Dear Valued Customers,
Current CDN System Discontinuation Notice
Exabytes will discontinue the current CDN system that is manageable under effectively from 29th November 2013. We are sorry for the short notice. Your current CDN site will be inaccessible after 29th November 2013.
New CDN System
However, we have come out with an alternative arrangement. A brand new CDN system is in production to replace the existing CDN system. Few simple steps as below are required in order to move to the new CDN system.
1. Re-create CDN hostname from the new CDN management portal.
2. A new CNAME record will be generated after the re-creation of CDN hostname. Therefore, you must update the existing CDN hostname's CNAME record.
Please rest assured that Exabytes will complete step one for you. We shall then attach the new CNAME record together with the new CDN account access email.
We will begin delivering new CDN account to every current CDN user from 15th Nov 2013. If you do not receive any new CDN account access email by 25th Nov 2013, please contact our support members by submitting a new ticket at (Select Tech Support (24x7) - MyInstantCDN).

With the move to the new CDN platform, we will also be stopping any free CDN accounts which have been found inactive in the existing system. You will be informed separately if your existing free CDN account will be affected on this. Please do contact our sales department if you would need to sign up for any CDN package.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department