Services and Network Service Disruption - Exabytes US Servers

Date: 3rd August 2013
Time: 10.30 AM MST

All servers and network are back online, we are still verifying each of the server and its services to make sure it is running without any problems.

We will send all affected users a report after we receive the report from our data center.

Thank you for the patience and cooperation during the incident.


Date : 2nd August 2013
Time : 10:50 PM MST

Maintenance details:
We've found that there are some issues on accessing servers on following list of network range.

This appears to be involved with sudden data center outage and we are still trying to get in touch with the data center personnel to get more details about this.
Thank you for your patience during this incident.

Maintenance effect:
All the servers were taken down and would be powered on one by one.
There is also intermittent connections to all servers with IPs on network ranges as above. 

Best Regards, 

Support team
Technical Support Department