[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance - Extender

Date: 17th Oct 2012
Time: 11:05 PM MDT
ETA of maintenance: COMPLETED

The maintenance window has completed. Feel free to contact us if you have any issue after the maintenance.


Date: 17th Oct 2012
Time: 10:51 PM MDT
ETA of maintenance: 30mins

The move has been completed. Unfortunetely, Windows is running a chkdsk, we will update the status again.


Date: 17th Oct 2012
Time: 10PM GMT-7
ETA of maintenance: 45mins

Maintenance details
The mentioned server will be shutdown for reallocation maintenance in order to balance our AC power load within our datacenter and thereby provide greater stability for our electrical infrastructure.

Maintenance effect:
During the maintenance time frame, all email services such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP and webmail will not be available. 

Best regards, 

Support team
Technical department