Network Interruption Updates

Dear Valued Customers,

Please be informed that as a result of the Japan earthquake, the undersea cable infrastructure in that region has experienced a capacity hit.

As such, traffic to and from the Unites States and North Asia could be slower than usual. Traffic to domestic content and other parts of Asia, Europe, and Middle-east are unaffected.

If you are facing any difficulties in accessing your web sites or servers, please provide us with the below information, this will allow us to investigate the problem in detail with our upstream provider.

1. Your IP address
You could go to either of the URL below to get your IP address:

2. Ping Plotter result to your web site domain name, or your server IP
You could refer to this knowledge-base link for how to get ping plotter result.

Once this result is provided, please allow us to have some time to discuss this with our upstream provider. We are sorry if your request is delayed when this information is not provided.

** If you connect from any location in Malaysia through Malaysia Internet Service Provider, you will not be affected. If you face problems accessing to your web site, kindly contact support immediately.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Support Department