[COMPLETE] Exabytes - Schedule Windows Mail Server RAID Controller Backup Battery Maintenance [Sgperak.mschosting.com] [Bahamut.mschosting.com]

Date: 20th Aug 2010
Time: 01.20AM GMT + 8

Maintenance Update:
Both server backup battery units has been installed successfully and both server services has resumed back to normal. Do report back to us if there is any issue occurred after this maintenance.


Date : 19th Aug 2010
Time : 11.00 PM GMT +8
ETA : 45 - 60 minutes

Maintenance Details :
We will take below servers offline to add in their RAID controller with backup batteries. The purpose is to enable the Write Cache feature on the RAID controllers to enhance the servers' IO performance.

Effect of Maintenance :
From the scheduled time Email Services and Smartermail website interface will not be accessible.

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