Exabytes - Network Maintenance

Date : 14th July 2010
Time : 10.00 PM GMT-6 (MDT) - 2.00AM GMT-6 (MDT)
Expected ETA : 4 hours
Data Center: US Handy Network Data Center only.

Maintenance Details:
This maintenance is affected for those user who hosted from US Handy Network Data Center and the server with IP of 72.18.x.x and 68.71.146.x only.

During the maintenance window last week, we encountered some unexpected issues. In an attempt to resolve those issues, we are going to be upgrading the version of IOS running on our core routers. Due to our redundant network configuration, there should be minimal interruption to customers. However, you should expect to notice some short periods of latency and packet loss during the maintenance window, as routes reconverge during router reboots.

Maintenance Effect:
Latency and packet loss as routes reconverge when cut over between routers.

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