[COMPLETED] Network Issue on AIMS Data Center

Date : 25th Feb 2010
Time : 9.50AM GMT+8
ETA: Completed

Everything is working back to usual, we are checking with Data Center Engineer for more detail no this incident.

Should you need any documentation for this incident, please contact our Support team.


Date : 25th Feb 2010
Time : 8.30AM GMT+8


Our servers hosted on the following IP ranges received multiple unofficial reports that inaccessible from different ISP:

At the moment, we are still awaiting for the further update from our DataCenter Network Engineers.

We will update this announcement should there is further update on the issue.

Should you need to clarify on this matter kindly send us a copy of ping plotter result to https://support.exabytes.com.my/KB/a1850/using-ping-plotter-to-trace-network-slow-unable-to.aspx