[COMPLETED] Exabytes - Schedule Hard Drive Upgrade on Furion (

Date : 6 Febuary 2010
Time : 1.00AM GMT+ 0800

The HDD upgrade is completed. Server services resume.


Date : 5 Febuary 2010
Time : 9.30PM GMT+ 0800

We have taken the server offline to start the HDD upgrade.


Date : 5 Febuary 2010
Time : 10.00PM GMT+ 0800
Expected ETA : 5 Hours

Maintenance Details:
We will be upgrading the existing hard disk for the Windows Web Server - Furion from 160GB to 500GB as to support the continuous growth of disk usage for existing clients on the server.

Maintenance Effect:
As we need to synchronize the existing data to the new hard disk and making sure all the data is up-to-date, we will be stopping the all the services such as FTP, Web and MySQL on the server side at 9.30pm 5 Feb. We estimate the entire process will completes in 4 hours time. Mail service operate as usual as it is hosted in another server.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via helpdesk at https://support.exabytes.com/help/ if you have any questions with this maintenance window.

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