[UPDATE]Exabytes - Schedule Server HDD RAID Maintenance SgPerak []

Date : 1 December 2009
Time : 2.00 AM

Maintenance Update:
The degraded hdd has been successfully replaced and currently the RAID 10 is now rebuilding. At this moment, all the services has resume back to normal. We will update again this thread once the RAID rebuilding is complete.


Date : 1 December 2009
Time : 1.00 AM
Expected ETA : 30 minutes

Maintenance Details:
One of the HDD RAID 10 sub-unit of this server is found degraded. We will take the server offline to replace the affected HDD.

Maintenance Effect:
Mail service on this server will be temporarily inaccessible during the maintenance.

Thank you.

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Support Team
Technical Department
Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd