Streamyx users connection Issue: circuit faults on the SMW3

Date : 31 Mar 2009 (GMT +0800)
Expected ETA : 5 April 2009
Affected IP Range: 202.75.48.# ,202.75.42.#, 210.48.145.#, 210.48.157.#, 119.110.99.#, 116.0.101.#, 72.18.131.#, 72.18.131.#, 65.254.48.#, 207.210.67.#, 64.22.123.#

There has been a disruption of TM’s Internet services due to circuit faults on the SMW3 between Malaysia to Hong Kong and United States.

Restoration works on the affected cables are already in progress. However, during the restoration process, traffic to Northern America and Hong Kong may experience degradation. However, traffic to other countries will not be affected. TM expects complete recovery of its services by 5 April 2009 and will make further announcements on the progress of the restoration works.

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Streamyx users might experience slow browsing or have intermittent connection slow down while accessing content hosted in the Hong Kong and United States. Kindly send us trace route results from ping plotter ( ) to , if you need further clarification and advices from us.