Internet traffic disrupted between Europe, Middle East and Asia

Date : 20th Dec 2008 (GMT +0800)
Expected ETA : N/A

Internet and telephone traffic between Europe, the Middle East and Asia was hampered on 20th Dec 2008 (GMT +0800) after 3 major underwater data lines were cut. There was
major breakdown at SMW4 (Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 4) submarine cable. At now, the cableship is currently under mobilization and is expected to reach fault ground . The repair is expected to be fully completed on 31st Dec 2008. Therefore, all connection mainly to UK, Europe will having performance degradation. Hence, there might be congestion for connection from your end to our servers as well.

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Users migth experience slowness when connecting to their websites. Kindly send us trace route results from ping plotter ( ) to , if you need further clarification and advices from us.

We will keep this announcement update from time to time with the latest information.

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