Intermittent Network Issue - CBJ 5

Date : 15 October 2008
Time : 8.00 AM (GMT + 0800)

This issue is resolved after IPS rules were updated by CBJ 5 Technical.

We appreciate your patience with us throughout this process of investigation. Please contact us if you notice intermittent connection timeout issue when using FTP.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Department
Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd


Date : 13 October 2008
Time : 5.00 PM (GMT + 0800)
ETA : To Be Announced

Details :
Please be informed servers in CBJ 5 have been facing intermittent connection timeout issue.

When users connect the FTP service to do bulk files upload, that particular server will be temporarily inaccessible and the connection will resume after a minute or two of request timeout.

We are currently investigating this issue and liaising with CBJ 5 to check the possible of connection blocking by network security device.

Temporary solution:
For FTP Upload:
Please zip the files before upload it with FTP, once the zip file has been uploaded, submit a support ticket to request to unzip the zip file.

For FTP Download:
Please submit a support ticket to request our support team to zip the files, then download the zip file by connecting to FTP account.

To submit a support request, please visit URL below: